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Voices of the New Belarus | A Global Staged Reading

Voices of the New Belarus | A Global Staged Reading” is a follow-up production from “Insulted Belorus(sia) | A Global Staged Reading” that recounts the stories of 15 victims of Lukashenko’s terror campaign against Belarus citizens caught up in the terror after the August 2021 national elections.


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Oleksandra Basko’s A Non-Fictional War

A Non-Fictional War” A Non-Fictional War is Oleksandra Basko’s gripping, present saga of her family’s personal journey through the strife and uncertainty of the Russo-Ukrainian War and Putin’s full-scale invasion of her country adapted in dramatic form by Artistic Director Natasha O. Ramer.



Anna Akhmatova’s Sketches from a Poet’s Life(Part 1: 1889 – 1921)

Natasha O. Ramer’s “Sketches from a Poet’s Life (Part 1: 1889 – 1921)“. The life of poet Anna Akhmatova told through interactions with her life-long friend, Valya as the great poet recalls moment in her life from the age of 75 while traveling to Sicily to receive the prestigious Etna-Taormina Literary Prize from the European Community of Writers.


Graphic for Live Stream of Insulted Belarus(sia) by Andrei Kureichik incorporated artwork "Belarusian Venus" by artist Yana Chernova

Virtual Reading of “Insulted. Belarus(sia)”

Andrei Kureichik’s “Insulted. Belarus(sia)” Dictator Alexander Lukashenko accuses artists of crimes against the state. Based upon real people & events.


Mikhail A. Bulgakov The Master and Margarita dramatization

24 Hours in the Life of Pontius Pilate

Dramatization faithful to Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita”, capturing the meeting between Pilate and Jesus.

Ellendea Proffer Teasley, PhD

Ellendea Proffer Teasley Presents “Bulgakov: Writing In A Time Of Terror”

Special lecture from world renowned Bulgakov scholar, Ellendea Proffer Teasley.


24 Hours in the Life of Pontius Pilate

A staged reading based on Mikhail A. Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita”.



Longing for Peace and Home

“Longing for Peace and Home”, a presentation of Russian and Jewish songs from World War II.




A theatrical adaptation of William E. Wade, Jr.’s moving novel about the loss of his young son to cystic fibrosis



XV Annual International Theatre Festival “Melikhovskaya Vesna”

(Spring in Melikhovo)

Moscow Nights brought Carol Rocamora’s “I Take Your Hand In Mine …” to festival and theatre stages in Melikhovo and Moscow, Russia




Based on Evgeny Schvarts’ 1938 Russian fairy tale Zolushka (Ashes), translated by Dr. James E. Falen.


DC 2011

A Special St. Valentine’s Day Presentation…

By special invitation, Moscow Nights performed Carol Rocamora’s “I Take Your Hand In Mine …” at the Russian and Eastern European Cultural Center of the Russian Federation Embassy in Washington, D. C.


Festival 2010

The Russian Winter Festival – 2010

Our fourth Festival: celebrating 10 years of Moscow Nights.



An Afternoon with Anton Chekhov

Presenting staged adaptations of Chekhov’s The Bear, A Marriage Proposal, and Swan Song.



The Russian Winter Festival – 2008

Our third Festival: “Adventures Around Moscow



The Lost Russian Winter Festival – 2005

There were great plans in place for the Fifth Russian Winter Festival focused on “Treasures of the Russian Gypsy”. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated New Orleans forcing the loss of this winter festival.

2004 - 2005


New Orleans Public Schools Collaboration

The work of Alexander Pushkin taught in McMain Secondary School to develop a multidisciplinary teaching unit.



Twenty Years in America

Natasha O. Ramer’s original one-woman cabaret recounting her journey to becoming “American”. Christopher Wecklein directed


Rusalka 2002

Alexander Pushkin’s “The Water Nymph”

Our second Winter Festival – A Salute to Alexander Pushkin, featuring the premiere of Pushkin’s play The Water Nymph.



The Russian Winter Festival – 2001

Given the huge success of the first Russian Winter Festival, we staged another program. Richer and expansive, it included storytelling, language games, dance, music, and poetry.



The Russian Summer Festival – 2000

An international evening of music, song and dance.


Festival 2000

The Russian Winter Festival – 1999

The First Russian Winter Festival

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